List of coolest postcodes to move to in 2023 including Sheffield, London & Glasgow, according to The Times

The Times has collated yet another list of the coolest places homemakers should consider in 2023

The Times newspaper has released its list of the coolest postcodes to move to in 2023. With remote working on the rise and many Brits looking to up sticks for a more exciting location, it’s good to have a destination in mind.

While London has typically been seen as the go-to destination for all things trendy, higher living costs and crowding have meant people are looking elsewhere for a stylish spot to settle in. Whether it’s the newly-crowned hipster haven or the city for sophisticated revellers, this expertly curated list exposes the more snazzy postcodes in the UK.

Of course, the term ‘cool’ is subjective and personalised to each individual. However, if you’re a foodie, thrillseeker, partier, or even a retrophiliac - there’s a place on this list for you.

Here’s the entire list of coolest postcodes to move to in 2023 according to the Times.

Coolest postcodes to move to in 2023 according to The Times

G1, Glasgow

Known as one of the best nights out in the UK, Glasgow appears on the list as the top ‘party postcode’. Scotland’s second city hosts several world-famous clubs that feature in renowned movies and series such as Trainspotting and Succession.

NR25, Cley-next-the-Sea, Norfolk

Cley-next-the-Sea is a village in North Norfolk known for its delicious seafood and stunning coastal views. The smart village is filled with quaint pubs and is listed by the Times as the perfect place for preppy grandmothers.

TN35, Pett Level, East Sussex

Pett Level is a languid village with benefits from an idyllic, natural landscape. If you’re looking for an instragammable location with magnificent forests and views of the coast, this is the place for you.

E10, Leyton, London

Eleven of the coolest places to live in the UK and only one spot for London. It better be good, right? The Times has recommended Leyton as an authentic and cultural East End spot with an abundance of art, creativity, design houses and wait for it… baked goods.

Leyton's high street has been overhauled by designer Camille Walala

DL6, Potto, North Yorkshire

The opposite of a party postcode, Potto has just 120 houses and no shops where the only restaurant close by is Tomahawk Steakhouse known for its Himalayan-salt dry-aged steaks. Potto is an idyllic spot to get off the grid.

NE64, Newbiggin-by-the-Sea, Northumberland

Whether it be Devon, Cornwall or Brighton, coastal spots across the UK have been well on the receiving end of an ageing population looking to fade away in peaceful serenity. However, such an influx drives house prices through the roof rendering a location far less affordable and accessible for most.

Despite this, the remote seaside town of Newbiggin-by-the-Sea is still fairly cheap, has two glorious beaches, many independent shops and is only a 30-minute drive from Newcastle.

LA9, Kendal, Cumbria

Kendal is the Times’ pick for the ‘cool outdoorsy crowd’ and it’s difficult to argue against. Situated in between the UK’s most picturesque locations in Lake District and Yorkshire Dales, Kendal is renowned for hosting the UK’s largest adventure festival - Mountain Festival.

Kendal is the Times’ pick for the ‘cool outdoorsy crowd’ and it’s difficult to argue against.

EH39, North Berwick, East Lothian

Those Cornwall and Devon can list in detail how their blissful and unspoiled landscapes become quite the opposite during tourist season. Appearing on The Times’ list as an idyllic and homely alternative is North Berwick.

The East Lothian seaside town is like paradise minus the people - beaches, surfing, food, city links, and occasionally… Northern lights!?

BT48, Derry/Londonderry

Known as one of the cheapest spots in the UK to make your first step onto the housing ladder, Derry/Londonderry is an artsy and foodie haven that was once the UK’s City of Culture.

S38, Kelham Island, Sheffield

Kelham Island in Sheffield has been named as one of the 11 coolest places in the UK to move to in 2023. Pictured is Kelham Island Museum

Once an industrial wasteland, Kelham Island has rocketed in popularity in recent years following a huge redevelopment. Centred around the Kelham Island Museum, the area has an industrial-hip vibe loved by real ale lovers and foodies alike.

If you’re peckish, head to the Cutlery Works food hall, featuring vibrant stalls and pop-ups in a former factory, or the Fat Cat if you favour a traditional pub

NP25, Monmouth, Monmouthshire

The Welsh take on East London’s effervescent Shoreditch. According to the Times - Monmouth is buzzing with a thriving art and folk scene, alongside countless breweries and vineyards.