Martin Lewis gives his top tips when booking a holiday during Covid travel restrictions

Martin Lewis advised holidaymakers to get suitable travel insurance (Picture: ITV)Martin Lewis advised holidaymakers to get suitable travel insurance (Picture: ITV)
Martin Lewis advised holidaymakers to get suitable travel insurance (Picture: ITV)

Martin Lewis has advised UK holidaymakers how best to ensure they are not out of pocket if their holiday does not go ahead due to Covid restrictions.

His tips will be welcomed by many as the UK government lifted the ban on foreign travel this week, allowing international non-essential trips for the first time this year.

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Lewis gave three top tips, telling viewers the easiest way to protect your money when booking was to purchase suitable travel insurance.

He said “Most, though not all, insurers will usually cover you for Covid cancellations if you catch Covid before you travel, or the NHS tells you to self-isolate, that means you can’t go.”

‘Package holidays often have strong protection’

He added that choosing to cancel your holiday through fear of catching Covid is not a valid reason if the trip is still able to go ahead.

Holidaymakers were also advised to get a European Health Insurance Card if travelling to the continent, which should be free.

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The Money Saving Expert founder’s second tip was to book holidays which offered free cancellation, money back guarantees and the option to reschedule your travel dates.

He said: “The ability to cancel or change a booking is so important right now, package holidays often from travel agents or travel firms have strong protection.

“This tends to occur when you’re booking two or more things like your flight and hotel together, or major excursions. If Covid restrictions stop the trip, you’re due a refund within 14 days.”

He added that package holidays often offer “strong protection”.

‘Pay on plastic’

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People travelling from the UK are now allowed to travel to ‘green list’ countries without needing to quarantine on their return, the UK government will review the new traffic light system applied to foreign travel every fortnight.

Travellers should not expect to be covered by their insurance if travel is permitted but they can no longer afford the quarantine charges, which apply to red-list countries.

Lewis’ final tip was that the best way to book your holiday is “on plastic”, referring to a credit card.

He said booking via a credit card “ensures ‘Section 75’ protection, which means the card company is jointly liable for payments between £100.01- £30,000,” he stressed that the charge needed to be over £100.