National Lottery, Euromillions, Thunderball and Set For Life luckiest numbers revealed according to data

Data has revealed the most common winning lottery numbers for the National Lottery, Euromillion and Thunderball, as well as the ‘unlucky’ ones you should avoid.

If you’re a National Lottery player but you’re stumped when it comes to choosing your numbers you might need a bit of help. Whether you carefully pick out significant dates in your life or just go for a random mix, data has shown that some numbers really are the ‘luckiest’.

Since 1994, when the National Lottery was launched, thousands of people in the UK have become multi-millionaires. However, since then, jackpot amounts have increased by more than a hundred million pounds for some games making it even more tempting to play.

But the chances of winning the lottery are very slim, and relying on sheer luck may not be the best strategy despite many believing that if they select just the right numbers fortune will finally come to them.

However, experts at Casino Guardian have used data to uncover the luckiest lottery numbers by reviewing the draw history of various lottery games. The data shows some numbers seem to be drawn surprisingly often, while others rarely bring punters any jackpot wins at all.

Lottery tickets for the EuroMillions jackpotLottery tickets for the EuroMillions jackpot
Lottery tickets for the EuroMillions jackpot

National Lottery luckiest numbers according to data

UK Lotto

Luckiest numbers

52, 58, and 39

Unluckiest numbers

48 and 9


Luckiest numbers

20, 21, and 17

Unluckiest numbers

18 and 22


Luckiest numbers

13, 29 and 3

Unluckiest numbers

12 and 35

Set for Life

Luckiest numbers

21, 42, and 40

Life balls: 7 and 6

Unluckiest numbers:


Life ball: 4