These are the top 10 resolutions Brits are least likely to keep

We’re all familiar with the saying ‘new year, new you’ - but new research has revealed the sheer pressure Brits put on themselves every January. In fact, 37% of us feel obliged to make resolutions and goals expected from us at this time of year. 

Out of those feeling pressured, social media (31%), examples set by family and friends (21%) and the media (17%), are all cited as contributing factors towards this. 

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Perhaps unsurprisingly, over half (56%) of those polled by healthy recipe box service Green Chef claim they won’t be making a resolution this year - because they don’t want to feel disappointed if they don’t keep them (14%), and want to avoid making them whilst Covid restrictions are in place (12%). 

When it comes to keeping resolutions, two-thirds (61%) say their top motivating factor is feeling healthier, followed by a sense of achievement (50%). However, a third say lack of time (32%), costs of starting something new (30%) and a busy dating life (24%) will hold them back. And worryingly, 19% say they’ve previously given up a resolution because of the negative impact it had on their mental health. 

Hitting goals for 2022

With a fifth (21%) wanting to achieve longer-term goals instead of short-term resolutions, Green Chef has partnered with celebrity personality, Chunkz to get people pledging realistic resolutions for 2022:

“Hitting your goals isn’t easy and for me, setting my personal goal of getting into a healthier routine with food required a lot of self-determination and help from friends and family. By being part of this campaign, I want to motivate others to feel confident enough to come forward and set their own resolutions, no matter how big or small. I only managed to achieve my own health journey by changing my mindset upfront, I knew I wasn’t as healthy as I could be and therefore wanted this to be my ultimate end goal - losing the weight itself was really an added benefit. 

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My tips to everyone else on achieving your resolutions are to surround yourself with top notch people who are gonna be on the side lines and cheering you on. Second, write EVERYTHING down - this might be one goal or a series of goals but getting them down on paper helps figure them out. You can then work out what the steps you  need to take are to achieve them. And finally, if you can, subscribe to services that will help you along the way. For example if you want to become fitter, and don’t want to join a gym, subscribe to an at-home fitness app instead. Also cut out the temptation to fail. If you know you're a snacker, fill your cupboards with healthy snacks like nuts and fruit, and plan your meal times so you have something delicious to look forward to each day.”

Anna Tebbs, Green Chef’s Head Chef and Nutritionist, said: “We’re all tempted to set over-ambitious goals, particularly when it comes to food and our health. However, I urge everyone to take a step back before setting them to reflect on what they really want to get out of 2022. 

“Trying out a new diet or food preference needn’t be a daunting process and there are so many inspirational recipes and guides out there that can help you along your journey. Rather than cutting out food types or completely overhauling your normal routine, try to find a healthy balance that really works for you - whether that’s reducing your meat intake or eating fewer carbs, take the time to find a way of eating that works for you this January.  ”

Those wishing to pledge their ‘For You, Not for January’ resolution, can head to Green Chef’s website here. Anyone who signs up will be in with a chance of winning one of 250 free Green Chef boxes.

Top 10 resolutions people are least likely to keep

  1. Giving up alcohol

  2. Joining a regular fitness class

  3. Losing weight

  4. Learning a new language

  5. Trying a new diet

  6. Only cooking from scratch

  7. Giving up takeaways

  8. Having a positive attitude every day

  9. Practicing mindfulness 

  10. Only using ‘eco’ household products