This is why you're not allowed to eat nuts on an Easyjet flight

Easyjet has banned nuts on its flights in a bid to protect allergy sufferers (Photo: Getty Images)Easyjet has banned nuts on its flights in a bid to protect allergy sufferers (Photo: Getty Images)
Easyjet has banned nuts on its flights in a bid to protect allergy sufferers (Photo: Getty Images)

Easyjet has banned the sale of nuts on their flights and will be urging passengers to leave any snacks containing nuts at home.

Why the ban?

The ban comes as part of Easyjet's move to help protect passengers with allergies.

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Aviation minister Baroness Liz Sugg outlined plans in December to crack down on the sale of nuts on flights after the death of a 15 year old girl on a British Airways flight in 2016. She suffered an allergic reaction.

The UK Government have a new strategy for aviation, called Aviation 2050: The Future of UK Aviation.

Aviation 2050 proposes the introduction of a more consistent approach to catering for customers with nut allergies.

What has been banned?

Peanuts have been pulled from the airline’s snack menu.

Food items containing nuts are also being addressed. For example, the dessert baklava features nuts as a main ingredient. Easyjet says it is reformulating the recipe in order to keep their flights nut free.

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When did this happen?

The airline has been rolling out this process since March, starting peanuts.

Menu items including nuts will be tackled over the following months which will make the carrier entirely nut free in the very near future.

Can I bring my own nuts?

Passengers are still able to bring nuts aboard a flight, but the airline will be urging them to think twice before they do.

What if I have a nut allergy?

Easyjet has advised that travellers with nut allergies alert the company of their allergy when booking their tickets.

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Once Easyjet is aware of a nut allergy sufferer aboard their flight, they can pass the information on to the cabin crew operating the flight.

An announcement is made at the start of the flight advising that nuts will not be sold on board and that passengers should refrain from consuming any nuts they have brought with them.

What about other airlines?

Ryanair still serves both packs of nuts and Nutella on their flights, according to their inflight menu.

If warned ahead of time however, Ryanair will halt the sale of nuts, and products containing nuts, and make an announcement stating that no nuts will be sold.

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Passengers with a nut allergy are therefore urged to alert Ryanair cabin crew when boarding the flight in order to make their journey as safe as possible.

Despite best efforts, Ryanair’s website states, “Ryanair cannot guarantee a nut free flight.”

British Airways doesn’t currently serve peanuts or use them as an ingredient in its in-flight meals.

It does, however, still sell tree nuts, such as walnuts and cashews.

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Like other airlines, if allergy sufferers alert BA cabin crew, they will make an announcement to fellow passengers are aware of the situation, and also halt the sale of loose nuts.

Jet2 also operates under a similar model, with nuts still being sold freely onboard, but will take steps to try and ensure no nuts will be sold in the presence of an allergy sufferer.

However, the company cannot guarantee a nut free environment, as its passengers are allowed to consume their own food.

Allergy sufferers who experience anaphylactic shock may not be allowed to board a Jet2 flight if they fail to provide their own medication.

It’s always best to double check the airlines individual policy regarding nuts before booking your flight.

This article originally appeared on our sister site, The Scotsman