UK set for blistering heatwave following month of rain in one day

A heatwave is on the way at the end of this week, but only after the country has faced a downpour of a month’s worth of rain in 24 hours.

Later in the week a 2,000 mile-wide African air plume is set to heat Europe, and could even mean Britain beats its previous June record temperature of 35C.

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The Met Office has said that the temperature is set to rise towards the end of this week, with Friday and Saturday being the hottest days.

Temperatures could reach high 30s

Temperatures in southern parts of the country could be in the 30s, and even in colder parts of the country temperatures in the mid-20s have been predicted.

Nighttime could be uncomfortable, though, as temperatures look set to stay just below 20C, with humidity to be high.

But before the weather improves, the UK faces a deluge of bad weather in the early part of this week.

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The Met Office has issued one yellow weather warning for rain and two for thunderstorms across the UK on Monday. The north of the country is expected to be the worst hit.

Heavy rain and thunderstorms

In parts of the country, the heavy downpour will continue until the end of Tuesday.

As much as 80mm of rain could fall between 12pm and midnight on Tuesday, according to the Met Office.

And a series of thunderstorms will coincide with the heavy rain, which would count as a month’s worth falling in just one day.

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However, even during the downpour it will be warm, with highs of 28C in some parts of the UK.

Following the predicted warm spell at the weekend, temperatures are expected to gradually fall away to a more average level for this time of year next week.

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