Virgin Media customers are reporting problems with internet and user accounts - here's what Virgin has said

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Virgin Media customers have been claiming an outage of internet and other services has been severely impacting them for a second day in a row.

Despite the company reassuring customers that there are "no widespread or major issues", hundreds of disgruntled subscribers have logged on to the website DownDetector to voice their concerns.

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The website recorded more than 600 complaints across the UK on Wednesday morning, with a spike of grievances coming in at around 7.30am.

What has Virgin said?

Customers reported problems with the Virgin Media website, saying it was slow to load and others couldn't access their accounts.

A spokesman for Virgin Media told the Evening Standard: "Down Detector is not an accurate representation of our network status.

"There are no widespread or major issues with our broadband, TV, mobile or phone services.

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"There is a technical problem affecting some people accessing their 'My Virgin Media' account and this is being looked into.

"This will not impact connectivity. We apologise for any inconvenience caused."

Where are the problems?

According to DownDetector, Most complaints were recorded in London, Leeds, Preston, Birmingham and Nottingham, although a high number of customers in Portsmouth, Norwich and Peterborough were also having problems.

It’s the second day in a row that Virgin Media customers have faced issues; an outage on Tuesday (28 July) was blamed on a "localised issue" in south London by a spokesperson.

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When will Virgin Media be back?

How long it could take for any potential problems to be resolved is anybody’s guess, but seeing as Virgin says there are no “widespread or major issues”, hopefully it won’t be too long until the number of complaints coming into sites like DownDetector drop off.

Indeed, looking at the website’s graph for the number of complaints in recent hours, it seems as if the frequency of feedback is beginning to fall, signifying that issues could be becoming less common.