You can now sign up for a fitness class to do pilates with goats

Is goat pilates the next big thing in the fitness world? (Photo: SWNS)Is goat pilates the next big thing in the fitness world? (Photo: SWNS)
Is goat pilates the next big thing in the fitness world? (Photo: SWNS)

Goat yoga is all the rage in America, and now it has made its way across to Scotland.

Thanks to this fitness class on this Scottish farm, now you can you book in for some pilates with pygmy goats.

Baby goats and pilates?

At Bellcraig Farm in Fife, the unusual exercise class has taken off, mixing pilates and pygmy goats.

Jo Munro is the organiser at the heart of bringing the American craze to Scotland. Having experienced the unusual activity first-hand in the US, she knew straight away that she needed to bring it home with her.

“I went to California last year and it’s massive there so I went and tried it and thought I have to bring this back to Scotland,” said Jo.

Having offered the classes for a few months, it’s clear to see that people who have tried it out love it.

“We have been doing it for a couple of months now and it has been really popular with fully booked classes,” explained Jo.

“Goat pilates is something everyone has seen on YouTube and I think you either love it or hate it.”

How is it different to regular pilates?

The class starts out the way a regular fitness class would, with a warm up - except you’ll have two little goats wandering around named Mabel and Hazel.

With a maximum of six people per two goats, the warm up allows you to get limber and the goats to become more relaxed.

When the class gets started, be prepared to have a goat hop up on your back.

“It's not sore but the goats are reasonably heavy so it does make it more challenging,” explained Jo. For that reason, the class is perfect for anyone looking to upgrade their workout.

“The kids are quite agile and nimble so it can be like a massage with their hooves, but you wouldn't want it on your bare skin,” continued Jo.

A kid is another name for a baby goat, and - according to Jo - they add an extra element to the pilates workout.

“If you are holding a plank with a 10kg goat on your back it is going to be much harder,” she said.

‘Complete hilarity’

The goats aren’t just there to make you work up a sweat.

“There is an animal therapy side to it. You let you endorphins that make you feel good, like when you pet an animal,” explained Jo.

“It is complete hilarity and it makes everyone really happy and they leave on a high feeling really joyful.”

Benefits of working out with animals?

According to the goat pilates website, there are a variety of positive effects that exercising with animals can bring, including:

Promoting relaxationBringing down anxiety levelsLowering blood pressurePromoting joyful feelings and the release of happy hormones like serotonin

And that’s not even taking into account the physical benefits of pilates.

After class you’ll also get the chance to get up close with the other animals that live on the farm.

If you’re interested in participating in a pygmy goat pilates class, you can book your spot in the class on their website.

This article originally appeared on our sister site The Scotsman