Call of Duty: Vanguard review round-up - some of the most trusted video game reviewers give their verdict

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On the eve of one of Call Of Duty’s most highly anticipated games in recent years, Glasgow World journalist, Daniel McNeil, casts his eyes over what some of the industry's most trusted reviewers have had to say.

It’s that time of year again, the gaming community can finally sink their teeth into another installation of the world famous Call Of Duty games.

Since lockdown in March 2020 UK gamers, like me, have found solace in games such as Warzone and Cold War, and it is those countless hours on the game that have made so much hype and high expectation for Call Of Duty: Vanguard.

The game is to hit shelves at midnight on Friday November 5, 2021.

A open beta was made available, and these are what the leading and most trusted reviewers around had to say about Call Of Duty: Vanguard.

Esquire Middle East

Esquire Middle East kick off their rave review of the game with the title: ‘Call of Duty Vanguard: A return to form’.

They continue with that despite the drama surrounding the game - due to some pretty graphic scenes - the new modes, new maps and the anticipated new battle royale mode means the drama will not deter people from buying.

Esquire claim that the new Call of Duty will be a matter ‘when can I purchase’ instead of ‘should I purchase’

Erik Kain (Forbes)

A slightly unlikely review for a video game, but the world renowned Forbes and their video game reviewer/writer Erik Kain was the beneficiary of the open beta being extended for 48-hours.

Kain admits he had a lot more fun on the game than he originally anticipated, and that despite the game having problems (you can’t keep everyone happy) there was ‘good enough stuff in there to keep me happy’.

The review is split into two parts: the good, and the bad.

The good is everything you need a game like Call of Duty to have, great maps, good speed to the game, new game modes, good new guns and the problems he encountered such as bad spawn spots and visual glitches have been addressed.


Any gaming fan always listens to Gamesradar, that’s for anything tech related, and their game reviews do carry a lot of weight in the community.

They described the beta as a ‘familiarly fun experience’.

The new map named ‘Eagle Nest’ has garnered a lot of praise from early reviews.

It seems to offer something to everyone in Call of Duty.

Your snipers, your campers, your people running around with a shotgun or burst, Eagle Nest seems to be to everyone’s liking.

‘It’s a map I’ve been playing for years’ Gamesradar describes it as.

The most glittering part of Gamesradar’s review is how tactical the game may be, i.e. lasting more than five seconds after spawning. They suggest is has more to offer than previous Call of Duty games.

Love Island’s Jack Fowler and Wes Nelson at the Call of Duty launch event in 2019.Love Island’s Jack Fowler and Wes Nelson at the Call of Duty launch event in 2019.
Love Island’s Jack Fowler and Wes Nelson at the Call of Duty launch event in 2019. | Getty Images for Activision

Imagine Games Network (IGN)

Another revered and trusted review, and general gaming website IGN always gave their view on the new game.

Describing the game as ‘returning to its roots’ IGN find the best part of the game is the new modes.

Feeling like it’s a new game in an old skin, repetitive, the only thing thing keeping them playing Vanguard was the multitude of new modes. An old mode the people at IGN didn’t like was capture, and I think most Call of Duty fans can attest to that.

Fear not, it has been replaced with ‘Patrol’ which from their review could be an excellent game mode this time around. Some visual glitches such as indicators over people’s head glitching in and out did ruin their experience, but the review is more positive than negative.


And finally, we have Gfinity, arguably the biggest gaming website out of them all, Gfinity keep their review extremely brief, and title their review with: ‘When you can find out how good this years Call of Duty is’

There you have it, all the biggest reviewers around, and positive beats negative by a landslide.

Positive and negative verdicts will be rife when the game comes out, but if you are a next-gen gamer like I am you will likely agree that the trailers look great, and the game will no doubt be a hit.

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