Reece McFadden: Boxing gold medal at Commonwealth Games is my destiny

After landing a flyweight bronze medal in Glasgow four years ago, Motherwell boxing ace Reece McFadden is eyeing gold at this month's Commonwealth Games on Australia's Gold Coast.
Reece McFadden celebrated a flyweight bronze medal in Glasgow four years agoReece McFadden celebrated a flyweight bronze medal in Glasgow four years ago
Reece McFadden celebrated a flyweight bronze medal in Glasgow four years ago

“I’m really going to try my hardest to lift that 52kg gold medal this time,” said Reece (22), who away from the boxing ring works full-time as a joiner. “I’m desperate for it.

“I’ve been a lot more dedicated in the gym this time, extra hard training and working on wee movements.

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“But I’ve been finding it hard to fit that in because I need to work as well to earn some money.

“It’s good that my work has given me time off to come here.

“Coming away with a bronze medal was absolutely fantastic but when I received that at the last Commonwealth Games I was a wee bit gutted because I felt that I deserved the gold, that I wanted the gold.

“No fight’s going to be easy this time. They are all top, strong fit athletes that are here.

“They are all wanting to win the gold, so everyone’s in the same mentality and same mindset.

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“Every fight you’re going to get, no matter who you’re up against, is going to be one tough fight.

“I’m really looking forward to it and I’m going to put everything I’ve got into the fights to become champion.”

Reece has been boosted by great preparation for the Games and some fantastic recent support.

“Preparation has been tip top,” Reece said. “Perfect training wise and everything is in working order.

“It’s a great camp in Australia.

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“Before this we were in a camp in Ukraine and it was minus 18 degrees which was freezing cold.

“And we were up at 5.30 in the morning, running in that kind of weather trying to not slip.

“And then you come here, it’s some difference!

“I’m in peak mode now. It’s lovely, great scenery, great to go out running early in the morning.

“It’s some place.

“I’m 100 per cent happy with where my form’s at.

“The support I’ve had is unbelievable actually.

“It’s overwhelming how much people are buzzing for it. It’s amazing to see how the whole of Scotland is right behind you, backing you.”

Boxing at the Games will take place at Oxenford Studios from April 5 to 14.