Cumbernauld's Scott delighted with UK Strongest Man showing

Cumbernauld strongman Scott Milne exceeded expectations with a top half finish in the recent UK's Strongest Man competition.
Scott Milne was delighted with his show of strength at St Albans.Scott Milne was delighted with his show of strength at St Albans.
Scott Milne was delighted with his show of strength at St Albans.

The 28-year-old was only called up for the event in St Albans at short notice after one of the scheduled competitors picked up an injury.

Scott’s aim was simply to get through from the first day of the three-day competition. But in the end he made it all the way through to day three and finished eighth out of 16 competitors.

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He said: “I was totally surprised because it was a really strong field of guys.

“I just wish I could have had a wee bit longer to train for it and who knows what could have happened.

“A lot of the more experienced guys were holding back and just doing what they had to do to get enough points to qualify, but I was going all out in every event just to make sure I got there.”.

“I’d given everything to get to day three and by the time day three came I just had absolutely nothing in the tank.

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“It was quite a surreal experience. My head was telling my body to do things and my body was saying ‘no, there’s nothing left’. I was totally spent.”

“One of the highlights was the truck pull. Out of the full 16 guys it was only myself and the guy that won it - his name’s Pa O’Dwyer - we were the only two guys to complete the truck pull for the full distance in the allocated time.

“Another major highlight was coming second in my group on the 450kg yoke carry event. The heaviest I have ever done beforehand was 380kg - I didn’t think I would even be able to pick it up never mind come second in it.”

Scott is now training for the Scotland’s Strongest Man final at the SECC in Glasgow in October.

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