Cup exit for Gers

Kilsyth Rangers.............. 1Dunipace Juniors........... 1Surridge Sectional League Cup Section 8

RANGERS' interest in the first cup competition of the new season came to an end with this drawn match against Dunipace last Wednesday evening.

In the event, the result became irrelevant as Rob Roy go through thanks to their win over Cumnbernauld United.

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It was not a great performance from Rangers either; they were outplayed by the visitors for a large part of the game and only gained the draw thanks to a very late strike from Paul Doyle.

Rangers lined up with their latest, and probably last, new signing for the season - Jerome Vereille, who just a couple of years ago was playing in the Scottish Premier League at Kilmarnock.

Not much in it in the opening play but Dunipace gave an early indication that they were not to be taken lightly with some quick breaks and a shoot-on-sight policy.

Rangers were playing a passing game and trying to make openings but it was not really paying off, and when a misplaced pass gave Chris CAIRNEY an opening he fired a spectacular drive past Dukes to put Dunipace into the lead in fifteen minutes.

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In the final minutes of the game, Paul Doyle picked up a loose ball some 30 yards out and fired in a spectacular drive to pull Rangers level.

KILSYTH; Dukes, Doyle, Waters, Tough, Gannon, D Barclay, Scott, McLelland,J Barclay,Vereille, Carr. Subs. McPeake, McGinty, Flannery, McAteer, Harty, Tait.

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