Donna Bryce: third degree black belt

SMASHING planks of wood with her bare hands and feet proved no problem at all for bold Scotia Taekwon-do (Lanark) coach Donna Bryce.

For this was just one way Donna (30), of Carluke, wowed judges in Coventry during her successful recent attempt at becoming the first Scotia woman in history to attain a third degree black belt.

Her fellow Scotia Taekwon-do (Lanark) coach Lee Anderson (40) said: "Donna did really well to pass as the gradings are very nerve-racking for everyone.

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"It can be quite daunting doing all the different elements in a room with a judging panel watching you and a lot of black belt taekwon-do competitors also looking on.

"Donna has unrivalled spirit, which undoubtedly came in handy when she was breaking those one-inch thick, one-foot square wooden boards.

"It takes two years to master breaking those boards with your hands and feet, and it's all about technique.

"It's certainly not easy. I've seen guys breaking their hands attempting it."

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