Erin leads Scottish women in Romania

BLACKWOOD'S Erin McGarragher is about to travel to Eastern Europe as captain of the Under 18s Scottish Women's basketball team.

The squad are to compete in the FIBA European Championships which will be held in Romania from July 29 to August 9. They will be competing against 18 nations including Germany, Greece, England and Bulgaria and recently attended a training camp in Bristol with other Great British junior teams.

Erin, who at 18 is in her second year as captain, believes the Scottish side have a chance to do well in the competition. "I'm quite confident. Our group is pretty hard, with a few of the top five countries in there, but we've been improving a lot recently. Our fitness is definitely up, and we have a couple of players in different positions."

Erin started playing basketball when she began studying at St Maurice's High School and it didn't take long for her talent to emerge. After a successful tryout for the Scotland U14 side, she has continued to make impressive progress in the game, which is leading her to a new life in the United States.

For Erin has landed a basketball scholarship at the University of Texas, where she will be part of their Division 1 team, playing her home games at their impressive 12,000-seater Don Haskins Center, an arena which has also hosted concerts by the likes of Britney Spears and Kiss.

Erin's ambitions don't end there. "I'd like to be a professional basketball player, playing in Europe or possibly Australia. I also hope to break into the Great Britain team," she said.

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