First round win for Hares

Steadfast 2

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Harestanes 7

The scoreline might suggest a bit of a walkover, far from it.

With twenty minutes of the match left, Harestanes were on a smart exit in this first round of the M & M Trophy.

Twice they went behind to the home side before they surged into overdrive.

Credit to Steadfast, who were determined to bring Harestanes’ 17 in a row winning streak to an end. They made a game of it before running out of steam.

Harestanes started well enough and came close to opening the scoring in the 2nd minute. McCambley was quick to pick up a slack kick-out by the keeper, his shot was blocked out for a corner.

At the other end Steadfast threatened from a corner but could only head over.

A header from Young then drifted narrowly wide.

A snap chance from McCambley was put over by the keeper. Young headed the corner just wide.

Steadfast took the lead on the half hour with a break up field, a good pass into their number nine led to a nice low drive into the right hand corner.

A header from Durick almost gave the equaliser but instead hit the bar.

Early in the second half saw Harestanes equalise with an athletic overhead from McCambley following a McCafferty header.

Steadfast again took the lead from a really good low shot that curled nicely into the left corner. The number nine again.

Harestanes equaliser was a bit fortunate. O’Donnell sent a looping header over the keeper from a throw in.

The third was collected by McLaughlin, a run through saw him place the ball under the keeper.

The fourth came quickly with Fitzsimmons rolling the ball across for Oliver to scud in.

Next came from Fitzsimmons dancing round one, round two, and passed a third and into the net.

Fitzsimmons collected his second from a Hamilton pass with a wee shimmy giving him the opening to score.

He assisted with the seventh when he crossed for Cr. Young to head in.

Harestanes next will be at Waterside on Saturday, quarter finals of the Scottish Cup.