Celtic fans react to Neil Lennon’s comments claiming some Hoops players pulled out of games when fit last season

Lennon claims star performers Scott Brown and Callum McGregor were being “dragged down” by certain team-mates

Celtic fans have reacted to comments made by former manager Neil Lennon who sensationally claimed that some of his players refused to play in games when fully fit last season.

Lennon departed the club in February after the Parkhead outfit saw their ten-in-a-row bid collapse as Rangers stormed to the Scottish Premiership title.

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The Irishman insists it was evident from the start of the campaign that the body language of certain players indicated they did not want to be at the club.

Speaking to The Sun, he said: “We’d won nine titles in a row – four Trebles – and some players just got to the end of the road.

“You could see it pre-season, the body language, they weren’t with us. You could smell it.

“Some players were, I wouldn’t say feigning injury, but they could have played and didn’t. This eats into the dressing room.

“You’ve got great pros like Scott Brown and Callum McGregor, unbelievable successful, being dragged down by guys who don’t want to be there.

“Before lockdown, we’d been rampant, we’d won at Lazio. But after three months of players going home, the environment changed. Players found it difficult to adjust.

“Juventus didn’t win the league, PSG didn’t. Real and Barcelona didn’t, Liverpool won the league by 20 points, then lost six in a row at home. It was unprecedented and we were the same.

“Did I want to leave? Not really. But you want to do what’s best for the club, especially with what Celtic means to me.

“I won five out of seven trophies the second time, though, and Steven Gerrard has won one out of nine.

“People think it’s easy coming up here but you have to win every week – a draw isn’t good enough.”

It appears Lennon’s comments have not gone down well with sections of the Hoops supporters on fan forums.

Here, we take a look at what they have had to say:

Dungloe67: “I won’t be listening to anything that Neil Lennon says. He’s one of the reasons that we’re in this mess. He agreed to sell certain players who are still doing a good job elsewhere just now. As for tactics, in the last few months when he was boss, he didn’t exactly get it right.

“He shouldn’t have been given a second chance as manager. He should have resigned after the embarrassment of the performances last September in Europe. I blame the board and Lennon for getting us in this mess.”

Miktim: “Every time Lennon opens his mouth he chips away at any respect that may still exist for him. I wish he would accept his role in the demise of our club, shut his mouth and disappear for a long time and hope we eventually forgive and forget what he’s done to us.”

Ally: “Don’t mind constructive criticism but as for Lennon… The way he was talking it was as if to say ‘my teams were better than this. I’m a better manager, I know how to manage’. You couldn’t make it up. He’s got a brass neck after the way he left the team in a mess. It will take a few seasons to get us back on top.”

Martybhoy53: “It’s every else to blame but him. Overstayed his welcome.”

Gioventu: “He’s clearly still reeling. Every interview he’s given since leaving us has been bizarre - desperately trying to absolve himself of his failings whilst throwing digs at fans, players and the new manager. One of the main reasons he’s not a very good manager is his stubbornness and inability to acknowledge and address his own failings.”

Creativecelt: “He needs to get some perspective and come to terms that he failed to get his team motivated and prepared to compete for the 10-in-a-row season. If he had sold/loaned or cancelled the contract of Griffiths when he came back unfit that might have sent a message to the squad. As a manager he was ultimately responsible for last season’s failures.”

HenriksRightBoot: “he’s just not a very good manager. Quite the opposite in fact. Sacked by Bolton, sacked by Hibs, sacked at Celtic. He’s lived off the Barcelona game (and to some extent Lazio away), while the plain truth is that he’s been out of his depth his entire career.”