Clyde's Festive Friends bring Christmas cheer to Cumbernauld residents

Clyde manager Danny Lennon and Community Foundation manager Tom Elliott make a delivery to Margaret McLarenClyde manager Danny Lennon and Community Foundation manager Tom Elliott make a delivery to Margaret McLaren
Clyde manager Danny Lennon and Community Foundation manager Tom Elliott make a delivery to Margaret McLaren
Clyde brought some welcome Christmas cheer to their fans in the Cumbernauld community at the end of a difficult year for so many.

Covid-19 restrictions means that the traditional Festive Friends Christmas lunch organised through the club's Community Foundation and funded by the SPFL Trust could not take place.

Instead they took lunch to the community, with the help of Bully Wee boss Danny Lennon, North Lanarkshire Provost Jean Jones and Cumbernauld Action for Care of the Elderly chief executive officer Margaret Reilly and team of volunteers, staff and partnerships.

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Around 40 special gift packs - each comprising a keepsake Clyde FC mug, half-time pie donated by William Sword Ltd and a delicious afternoon tea put together by the Westerwood Hotel - were delivered around the community.

Westerwood general manager Joe Gallacher said: "We at the Westerwood Hotel are delighted to have been invited by Clyde FC Community Foundation to be a part of this great initiative for the Festive Friends programme.

"Although the lunch was supposed to take place in the hotel this year, we are delighted we have still been able to provide a takeaway option so that those in the programme will still get to enjoy a delicious festive themed afternoon tea in the comfort and safety of their homes during this trying time.

"We hope to be able to welcome those involved back to the Westerwood Hotel next December to experience our fantastic in house hospitality.”

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Danny Lennon was among the special guests who made a few doorstep deliveries - he and community manager Tom Elliott visited Margaret McLaren, who was nominated by her Clyde-daft son Gordon.

Danny said: "It was lovely to meet Margaret and provide her with a wee token of thanks from her family for all she does.

"Having looked after three generations of Clyde fans, I was delighted to meet her and maybe she’ll visit us at Broadwood when it’s safe to do so.

"Tom and his team have pulled out all the stops this year to ensure that the community with their partnership with CACE Cumbernauld will remember something nice on the lead up to Christmas.”

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Tom said he wanted to thank the community coaches, CACE drivers, volunteers and VIPs who helped on the day.

And Provost Jones, who made the final delivery to Thomas Hardie, added: "This is a tremendous initiative and I would like to congratulate everyone who is involved with it.

"Clyde FC Community Foundation are showing their commitment to supporting some of the most vulnerable people in our communities over the festive period and, on behalf of everyone in North Lanarkshire, I would like to pass on my heartfelt thanks to those involved in this project. Thank you.”

Festive Friends is now into its fifth year, but with life very different this year, the SPFL Trust teamed up with 37 associated community trusts to launch a new ‘at home’ version.

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Funding previously announced from James Anderson and the SPFL Trust’s second anonymous donor meant that a total of £87,700 was committed to this year’s campaign, allowing the Trust will be able to more than double the number of people clubs are able to support.

As such, more than 2,400 people were lined up for a doorstep visit and a Christmas gift from their local SPFL club.

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