Ferguson backs Gormley

Barry Ferguson makes his point to Elgin boss Jim WeirBarry Ferguson makes his point to Elgin boss Jim Weir
Barry Ferguson makes his point to Elgin boss Jim Weir
Clyde manager Barry Ferguson insists that a player who would set out to hurt an opponent would have no place at the club.

The Bully Wee boss was red-carded along with Elgin City boss Jim Weir after a challenge by David Gormley on visiting defender Darryl McHardy during Saturday’s match at Broadwood sparked a fracas involving players and managers.

But Ferguson backed his player after the match and said he felt the challenge was fair.

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He said: “I thought that it was a fair tackle. I’ve watched it again on the video and it’s clear, he’s not gone in to try and hurt the player. If he did go in with the intention of hurting the player I’ll be the first to tell Gormley and I would go through him at half-time.

“I’m just being honest. I’m protecting my player from what I thought was a fine tackle. My players don’t go out with the intention to hurt people. If I see any sign that one of my players would go out with the intention of trying to hurt a player they wouldn’t be here.”

Clyde were left hanging for a 2-1 win after failing to take advantage of a whirlwind start which produced two goals in the opening six minutes.

The Clyde boss admitted: “If you take it first half we were the better team, in the second half Elgin were the better team. I’m honest enough to say that.

“But at stages last year that was a game we probably would have lost two points, we’ve got that bit about us.”