Rangers fans begin epic journey to Seville as thousands depart Glasgow Airport ahead of Europa League final

Over 10,000 Light Blues supporters are expected to travel across 32 chartered flights today, according to Airport staff.

Thousands of Rangers fans continue to depart Scotland ahead of the Europa League final - with supporters taking every route possible to Seville.

10,000 passangers will stream through Glasgow Airport today, with 32 chartered planes taking off for the south of Spain.

Several diehard supporters began their journey at the end of last week, with many more expected to travel over the next 48 hours ahead of the match against Eintracht Frankfurt.

Many fans are travelling without tickets for the game but they are desperate to soak up the party atmosphere prior to kick-off on Wednesday.

Police Scotland have confirmed the final will result in the “largest gathering Seville has ever seen” on social media, with an estimated 100,000 Light Blues supporters step up their mass exodus.

It will likely mean the city’s transport system grinds to a standstill.

Seville is currently in the middle of a spring heatwave. By the time the game starts at 9pm local time, the temperature is expected to be about 80F (26 degrees).