Rob Roy and Rossvale bosses not convinced by summer switch

Junior football managers Stewart Maxwell and Gordon Moffat have expressed reservations over a potential switch to summer football.

Rob Roy manager Stewart Maxwell isnt convinced about a summer switch
Rob Roy manager Stewart Maxwell isnt convinced about a summer switch

Scottish junior football bosses are said to be drawing up proposals outlining the benefits and drawbacks of a switch after a postponement-filled winter.

But Rob Roy boss Maxwell says he believes the game would be better served by an overhaul of the existing schedule.

And Rossvale manager Moffat, while he agrees the idea has to be looked at, says there are disadvantages as well as advantages.

Rossvale manager Gordon Moffat has reservations but that a switch should at least be looked at

Clubs throughout the country have had to cope with no gate revenue and are facing a huge backlog of fixtures.

Rob Roy still have half their league fixtures to play and are involved in three cups as well.

Rossvale’s artificial surface at Huntershill has left them slightly better off, but they too still have 10 league games to play.

However on a summer switch, Maxwell admitted: “I think it would be difficult because of summer holidays etc and players away.

Rossvale manager Gordon Moffat has reservations but that a switch should at least be looked at

“I get the whole purpose of trying to play in that period. I’m still involved in all competitions and my squad’s going to get tested to the limit.

“It would be disappointing if we run out of gas because of the number of games or horrendous injuries and don’t get any silverware through that.

“But I think the SJFA and the West Region need to revamp their whole structure.”

Maxwell continued: “Why not try and introduce Friday night games under the lights if teams can get a park?

“Why not have a contingency plan, if the weather’s poor on the Saturday, to play on the Sunday if the two teams agree?

“A lot of Saturdays this year the weather has been horrendous and the Sunday’s been all right.

“If the two teams agree players can prepare right and it helps the fixtures.

“I would turn the Sectional League Cup into a knockout cup and maybe do away with the Central League Cup.

“I would have a four-to-six week shutdown after Christmas but I would let junior teams play friendlies or arrange tournaments to keep them ticking over and make some money. Then you try and go at the end of February.

“But they need to revamp from the top level.”

Moffat says he can see both sides of the argument.

He said: “It’s a tough one because the climate is so unpredictable now - we saw last pre-season there were games off in the League Cup section because of torrential rain.

“But the law of averages are that if you did switch it you would end up with a bigger proportion of games on.

“I’m quite open-minded - if there was somebody sensibly putting down a proposal, clubs have to consider anything now that could improve the overall product.

“I’m quite traditional in that I like the season to tie in with the senior clubs and the bigger clubs.

“But we need to be sensible. If someone has done their homework and is saying we’ll increase our games by 10 or 20 per cent then I think you’ve got to look at it.

“You are maybe getting a more constant stream in terms of money and maybe different people coming to watch if the big teams are off season.

“There are plenty pros but I think there’s quite a few cons. But we do need to look at every option possible.”

This Saturday, weather permitting, Rob Roy are due to host Clydebank in a Super League match at Guy’s Meadow.

Rossvale are at home to Lesmahagow in a Central First Division fixture switched from Lesmahagow’s ground.