Friday hopes for Carluke’s James Campbell in Games

Javelin ace...James Campbell. (Pic Lisa Ferguson)Javelin ace...James Campbell. (Pic Lisa Ferguson)
Javelin ace...James Campbell. (Pic Lisa Ferguson)
JAVELIN ace James Campbell, whose parents were long-time residents of Carluke’s Yieldshields Road, will be in Commonwealth Games action for Scotland this Friday night.

“I will be absolutely delighted if I manage to qualify as one of the 12 finalists,” said James (26).

“Fifty-three weeks ago I was told by a surgeon that I would never throw again due to injuries, so I’m happy to even be competing. There will be a special atmosphere and I hope the weather cools down so it doesn’t suit my Caribbean rivals as much.”

James, whose season’s best throw is 70 metres, reckons he’ll need to throw up to five metres further than that to reach the final.