Future of Thankerton Bowling Club in doubt

ALTHOUGH Thankerton Bowling Club members have been happily celebrating the club’s 50th anniversary, there are grave fears that the club could fold within the next decade.

The number of members has dwindled to just 60 – down from 150 just 10 years ago.

Concerned club committee man Jim Hope, a Thankerton BC member for over 40 years, said: “All the local bowling clubs are struggling.

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“We are surviving but membership numbers are well down. The young ones are just not joining.

“Out of our entire membership, I would say that only six or seven of them are under the age of 60.

“We are all getting older; I’ll be 65 in November.

“The club will be in danger of folding in 10 years time if nobody new starts coming in.”

Jim and the rest of the Thankerton members are praying for a turnaround in fortunes which would see the club reinvigorated by an influx of new members.

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