Gus wins his first Red Triangle title

Gus StewartGus Stewart
Gus Stewart
FOR the last five weeks the Red Triangle Snooker Club has played host to the McGlashan Cup. A total of 36 players entered the Tourney, a Sunday night club record in recent times for entries.

The format for the Cup is four groups of nine players, everybody plays each other once in their allocated groups. Everybody has three weeks in which to fulfil their fixtures. A best of four frames and a points per frame win awarded. After the group stages are complete the top two automatically qualify for last 16 and positions 3,4,5,6 compete in a play-off situation; the winners make up the last 16.

Week four sees the play-off, last 16 and quarter finals take place. Week five is semi-final and finals night.

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Play-off results: Bill Munro 3, Martin Cook 1; Mark Caulfield 3, Andy Jackson 0; Jordan Gallacher 3, Anthony McShane 0; John Tallent 3, Kevin Glen 1; Pat Killen 3, Alan Maxwell 2; Euan Paterson 3, Colin Blair 2; James Kelly 3, Michael Cameron 0; George Sutherland 3, Davie Hutchison 0.

Last 16 results: Billy Reid 3, Bill Munro 2; Ross Higgins 3 (73, 80), Mark Caulfield 2; Eden Sharav 3 (100, 111), Jordan Gallacher 1; Gus Stewart 3, John Tallent 2; Douglas Fraser 3 (42), Pat Killen 1 (78); Euan Patterson 3, Mark Boyle 0; Willie Scott 3, James Kelly 2; Colin Allen 3, George Sutherland 1.

Quarter final: Billy Reid 3, Ross Higgins 0; Gus Stewart 3, Eden Sharav 2; Douglas Fraser 3 (42), Euan Paterson 1; Willie Scott 3, Colin Allen 2.

Semi-Final: Gus Stewart 3, Billy Reid 0; Willie Scott 3 (106), Douglas Fraser 2 (43).

Final: Gus Stewart 4, Willie Scott 3.

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Congratulations to Gus on winning his first ever Red Triangle title and unlucky to Willie Scott. Thanks to all who entered the tourney, it was a great success and the standard was tremendous throughout with 97 breaks of 40 points or more. Ten centuries in all with the highest coming from Mark Boyle 141.