Kilsyth bowlers hold presentation ceremony

KILSYTH Miners’ Bowling Club recently held their presentation of trophies and prizes.

Gents’ winners were: Jarvie Trophy and club champion, Peter Pollock; runner-up, Robertson Johnston. Jubilee Trophy, Alex Black; runner-up, Peter Pollock. Robinson Trophy, Peter Pollock; runner-up, Andy Meechan. Graham Trophy, Andy Meechan; runner-up, Ray McCann. Primrose Trophy, Robert Johnstone; runner-up, Ricky O’Raw.

Pairs, Alex Black and Dave Coyle; runners-up, Hugh McCann and Ray McCann. Triples, Andy Meechan, Tom Bradshaw and R. O’Raw; runner-ups, James Pender, Willie Cook and Anthony Docherty. Rinks, Ray McCann, Hugh McCann, Dave Coyle and Roy Lochrie; runners-ups, Andy Meechan, tom Bradshaw, Willie Brown and Ricky O’Raw.

In the ladies’ section, winners were: Margaret Walker Trophy, Elisibeth Meechan; runner-up, Anne Marie Coyle. Glasgow Herald Trophy, Elisibeth Meechan; runner-up, Anne Marie Coyle. Jubilee Trophy, Irene Johnston; runner-up, Elisibeth Meechan.

Club pairs, Ceilia Robson and Irene Johnston; runners-up, Anne Marie Coyle and Margaret McCann. Deering pairs, Margaret Maxwell and Elsie Watrs; runners-up, Margaret Bauld and Anne Marie Coyle.

K. & D. Bowling Association presented Kilsyth Miners’ bowlers with the 750 Trophy for season 2012.

Members are reminded that the annual general meeting for season 2013 will be held in the social club on Sunday, January 13, 2013.

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