Lesmahagow crew fails in world land speed record bid

MECHANICAL failures have prevented a Lesmahagow team from breaking the world wheel driven land speed record.

Speed Scotland, led by Pro Motorsport boss Derek Palmer, had gone out to Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah with every intention of breaking the record, which stands at 313mph.

However, engine problems with the car, named Flower of Scotland, meant they couldn't get close to the record, currently held by American Don Vesco.

For Derek and the rest of the team, including his driver son Derek Jnr and other driver Rick Pearson, it was a cruel blow especially with tests showing the car was capable of going past the 350 mph mark.

Derek Snr said: "The big problem for us was that the engines we had were not adequate.

"The first disaster was when a chain broke, which should have been more than adequate for the job.

"I then had to re-build an engine. We had gears sent through to us from Texas and I had to send Rick to California to pick up a set of crankcases, which had been specially designed."