Lesmahagow will boycott Clydesdale Cup Final is Craighead Park isn’t fixed

LESMAHAGOW Juniors manager Robert Irving has vowed that his team would be prepared to boycott any place in the Clydesdale Cup Final.
Very unhappy...Gow boss Robert IrvingVery unhappy...Gow boss Robert Irving
Very unhappy...Gow boss Robert Irving

Robert said that, if ’Gow were to win at Lanark United on Monday, July 28, his team would refuse to play the final a week later – if the match was played anywhere other than Craighead Park.

’Gow’s home ground – where they haven’t played since last October – remains unusable; its pitch and dressing rooms were largely destroyed by torrents of water during severe weather.

Robert is furious that South Lanarkshire Council hasn’t authorised adequate repairs to be done.