Mixed martial arts ace Chris Bungard jokingly asked Conor McGregor for loan after being victim of wallet theft in Dublin

Chris Bungard (left) pictured with Conor McGregor at Dublin training campChris Bungard (left) pictured with Conor McGregor at Dublin training camp
Chris Bungard (left) pictured with Conor McGregor at Dublin training camp
Holytown Mixed Martial Arts star Chris Bungard has been recounting the nightmare moment when his wallet was stolen while he walked through Dublin city centre.

Bungard, nicknamed ‘The Bad Guy’, unwittingly lost £200, 200 Euros, his driving licence and bank cards, as he listened to headphones while taking a break from a two-week training camp with other fighters including UFC legend Conor McGregor.

“There was a lot of stuff in my pockets and I didn’t have any zips,” Bungard told the Motherwell Times.

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“I went to a shop till to buy a gift and then realised my wallet had been taken.

“I was really panicking, thinking to myself: ‘What am I going to do?’ and: ‘How am I going to get to the airport?’

“I thought about maybe asking Conor McGregor to tap me a million pounds to get home!

“I think whoever stole from me just took the cash and then chucked the wallet in the river.

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“I gave my details to the Irish police that day but I never heard anything back.

“It annoyed me for a couple of days but that was it.

“It’s a good job I never saw the person stealing my wallet as I’d have thrown them in the river!”

Bungard, now safely home after his ordeal, at least had some happy memories from his time in Ireland.

“Conor gave me some good advice,” he added.

“And my friend Kieran Tierney sent over a Celtic top for Conor to wear in the gym.”

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So you could say that Bungard’s preparation has been lively ahead of his return to the ring against Brazilian Nataniel Roberto at Dalkeith’s Woodburn Club this Sunday.

Bungard, contesting his first fight since November, will bid for the Forza Fighting Championship lightweight title as he tries to improve on his current professional record of 10 wins and four losses.

“This Brazilian guy is a black belt in jiu jitsu,” Bungard said.

“I’m a purple belt but I train with a lot of black belts.

“I’m not really too scared to go to ground with him.

“His weaknesses are that he is short and wild. I think I can knock him out standing up. Physically I’m in great shape, the best I’ve ever been in.

“The Woodburn Club will be one of the smallest venues I’ve ever fought in.

“But I have hundreds of people going to support me so it will be quite intimidating for him.”