Tigers tough it out to land vital win over title rivals

Aaron Summers (Glasgow Tigers) Pic by Ian AdamAaron Summers (Glasgow Tigers) Pic by Ian Adam
Aaron Summers (Glasgow Tigers) Pic by Ian Adam
Glasgow Tigers proved they were as tough as diamonds as they overcame Newcastle in a scintillating speedway meeting at the Peugeot Ashfield Stadium on Sunday.

The Tigers were in the wars with three men all bashing the air fence on bend one - but they still stopped the in-form visitors from landing a blow and sent them home with nothing.

Captain Aaron Summers was one of those to bounce back from a tumble - securing the 49-40 win with a third place in heat 15 despite being pushed all the way by GB wonderkid Robert Lambert, one of two Diamonds to equal the 56.1-second track record along with Steve Worrall.

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Summers said: “Newcastle are a strong team around here and they came out fighting.

“We had a team talk after a few heats and tried to make the track a little bit easier for some of our boys. I told the boys they had to be harder and certain other little things, and it seemed to help. It changed us around a bit and we got the win.

“I landed on my backside and it was a bit sore - it’ll probably be a bit sorer tomorrow. But I was OK. It was a tight first turn and I didn’t really have anywhere else to go in the end, and I saw the fence coming up before I knew it.”

There were plenty of highlights in front of a big crowd - none more so than Danny Ayres joining Richie Worrall for a vital 5-1 in heat 12 that put the Tigers nine points ahead, the score having been much closer until that point.

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Ben Barker thankfully walked away from a horrific tumble in his third ride, soldiering on to complete the meeting, as did Coty Garcia - who was struggling with a finger injury but still managed to battle to five points.

The result gives Glasgow three points and crucially Newcastle miss out on a consolation point, which could be vital given the Diamonds are tipped to be challenging the Tigers for the title.