Down Memory Lane

Discover the stories that made the Gazette headlines, all those years ago.

HIGH POINTS: Wanlockhead was, in its day, the highest standard gauge railway station in Britain at 1413ft above sea level. This image of the station before it, like so many others, fell victim to network cuts, comes from Julian Holland’s book ‘Discovering Scotland’s Lost Lines’. Efforts are ongoing to re-open the Leadhills-Wanlockhead stretch of the old Lowther line as a tourist attraction.

50 years ago

n First Carluke Boys’ Brigade were due to hold a Bible class on Sunday. The church service following it was to be held in St Andrew’s Church.

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n Two new off-licences were granted by the District Licensing Court to premises in Forth. However, another licence in Haywood was allowed to lapse.

n The county council was to build 56 new timber houses and 21 lock-up garages at the Lawmuir site, in Law. The houses were to be semi-detached.

n Superintendent William Gracie, of Lanark Constabulary, was awarded the Queen’s Police Medal for long service. He was the son of a former Lanark superintendent.

n Darkie, a six-year-old Alsation that almost died in a fire, was now well on the road to recovery. His owner Margaret Cooper, of Lanark, said he was the luckiest dog alive.

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n A total of 230 OAPs were entertained in a social evening at the Lanark Market Hotel Hall.

n In what was a poor game at Loch Park, Carluke Rovers were defeated 2-0 by Lanark United in the local derby.

100 years ago

n The annual social of the Royal Burgh Juvenile Rechabites was held. A varied programme of artists was on show, which was greatly appreciated by the audience.

n At the St Leonard’s Church Choir Festival the choir giving a recital of the celebrated Sacred Contana ‘Daniel’ by Root and Bradbury.

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n At a meeting of the Upperward District Committee it was agreed that a slaughterhouse should be built in Forth. It was also recommended that a car should be bought for the committee’s road surveyor.

n Shopkeepers were suffering greatly as the national coal strike entered its third week. Despite disturbances at Tarbrax previously, law and order was being well preserved.

n Under the auspices of Lanark Boy Scouts an evening of drama and musical entertainment was held in the Parish Town Hall.

n Old soldier James Henderson, originally from Lanark, was laid to rest in Carluke. He had joined the 79th Highlanders in August 1842.