Down Memory Lane

Discover the stories that made the Gazette headlines, all those years ago.


* An intruder who broke into the Braidwood house of Mr W Crossen escaped by throwing himself through a window when he was disturbed by the occupant. But he left carrying a camera and watch with him.

* John and Maggie Ferguson, originally from Lanark and Kirkfieldbank respectively but now living in Glasgow, celebrated their diamond wedding.

* Miss Janet (Netta) Wilson, only daughter of Mr and Mrs W Wilson, Sunnybrae, Lanark, graduated a BSc at Glasgow University.

* A recent drive against wireless and television pirates in the Carluke, Motherwell and Wishaw area resulted in the prosecution of 14 offenders. Fines ranging from 3 to 8 were imposed.

* Customers at Carluke's Black Bull Inn held their annual outing, when a party of 35, including five OAPs as guests, left by motor coach for Fort William.

* Burns Yuill, winner of the Newlands Trophy at Lanark Golf Club, was pictured receiving his prize from Mrs William Bell, Lanark Road, Carluke, wife of the Lanark club captain. Burns, who was 29 and a dentist, was the son of a Carluke doctor.


* A British Army private was charged at Lanark Burgh Police Court with having assaulted another man in Lanark High Street the previous day by striking him on his face and knocking him down. He admitted the assault, which left his victim with severe head injuries and needing medical attention. The accused was fined 15 shillings, with the alternative of 10 days imprisonment.

* New Lanark angler Mr Higgins landed five trout, weighing over 6lbs in total, from the River Clyde.

* Carnwath Golf Club players beat their visitors from West Calder by 10 matches to three.

* All of the local collieries had stopped work for the holidays and would not resume until the following Monday.

* Amber Bright Marmalade was available to buy from Carluke's R and W Scott Ltd.

* Special manures for strawberries and tomatoes were advertised as being available to buy from Williamson, Gemmell & Co. Manure Manufacturers, Glasgow.

* In the For Sale section of the Gazette was the following notice: Organs from 8 10s, pianos from 15 10s, Mitchell's Music Shop, Wishaw.