Down Memory Lane

Discover the stories that made the Gazette headlines, all those years ago.


* Two railwaymen admitted resetting 400 and 500 cigarettes respectively in a bothy at the goods marshalling yard at Law Junction station. Each was fined 15.

* Rev John R Miller, BD, was inducted to the charge of Kirkton Church in Carluke.

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* The threat to close Law Hospital, foreshadowed in a proposal to axe existing hospital board administration in Lanarkshire, brought angry protests from district and county councillors in Lanark.

* A bull mastiff shown by Mr and Mrs DA Urquhart, C/O 5 Elmbank Street, Carluke, won best in show at the 40-class open show of the Upper Ward Canine Society at Lanark.

* Eleven-year-old Elizabeth Frood was crowned Lanark Lanimer Queen.

* Eddie Gibson won the Lanark Golf Club Championship for the second time, thanks to a four and two win over JE Jackson in the 36-hole final.

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* Hope Lange, Stephen Boyd and Suzy Parker were starring in The Best of Everything, which was being screened in Lanark's Regal Cinema.

* Carluke OAP Association held their annual outing, which saw 239 members travel to Ayr.


* Martha Coulter was crowned Lanimer Queen at a stand erected in High Street.

* Lord Newlands sent a donation of 5 to Forth Unionist Association, and one of 2 to Forth Football Club.

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* Residents of Kirkton Street in Carluke were angry at the high volume and speed of motor car traffic in their street on Sundays. They were worried about the amount of dust created and the congestion.

* A meeting discussing 'Votes For Women' was to be staged that night by the Women's Social and Political Union, in Market Place, Carluke.

* A number of valuable oil cups and axle fittings were stolen from the Meadow Brickworks in Braidwood, after thieves forced their way into the engine house and stripped the engine and other machinery.

* A Braidwood steelworker pleaded guilty at Lanark Sheriff Court to a brutal assault on his son. He was sentenced to 60 days' hard labour.

* Carluke Boy Scouts would parade that day at 3pm and the following day at 11.30am.

* Newmains Oak beat Craignethan Thistle 1-0 in the final of the Law Volunteers Tournament.

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