Down Memory Lane

Discover the stories that made the Gazette headlines, all those years ago.


* A Glasgow man gave the Turner family, of 5 Stanmore Avenue, Lanark, a six-week-old kitten to replace the cat they had lost after it licked creosote which had been smeared on it.

* A coal delivery service was to be provided in Forth by West Calder Co-op Society if sufficient numbers were interested.

* The Third District Council warned local dustmen to replace lids on buckets and show more courtesy to householders after a Carluke dustmen reportedly told a woman to go and scratch herself when she asked him to replace the lid on her bucket.

* For the first time since its inauguration in 1815, Carluke's branch of the Savings Bank of Glasgow had funds in excess of 1 million.

* Lanark Rugby Club chartered a 36-seater plane to take them to Dublin for a fixture against the Veterinary College the following Saturday, before going on to the Ireland-Scotland international at Lansdowne Road.

* Heavy snow was expected to cause the postponement of that weekend's junior football matches. At Ardeer, where Carluke Rovers were due to have played a West of Scotland Cup replay, there had been drifts of four feet.


* At Lanark Sheriff Court, a Carnwath man was ordered to pay 14 to an Edinburgh dairyman. The pursuer had sued the defender for this amount, the price of a horse purchased by him on December 16. The pursuer claimed that the condition of the sale was that he was to give the horse a week's trial, and pay 14 if he was satisfied. But the defender said that no length of time was given for the trial. Sheriff Scott Moncrieff sided with the pursuer.

* Twenty-two ploughs were on show at the annual open ploughing match of the Carluke Ploughing Society at Bogside Farm, on a field granted for the occasion by Mr James Pettigrew.

* Having dropped only eight points throughout the season, it was virtually certain that Mr A Sneddon's rink from Kirkfieldbank would win the Lanark and District Carpet Bowling League.

* Thirty men showed they were entirely independent of the fair sex by providing and serving the tea at Carnwath Golf Club's annual Golf Bachelor's Dance.

* The entire team of Crossford's Craignethan Thistle played to top form as they beat Lanark Albion 3-1 at Lanark in the South Lanark Juvenile Cup.