A look through the files of the Cumbernauld News

This week in 1997

WORKERS at a Westfield firm were dealt a severe jobs blow when hi-tech firm Tamura Hinchley announced it was making 100 staff redundant. High interest rates, a reduction in orders and the strength of the pound were blamed. A spokesman for Lanarkshire Development Agency said: “It’s a setback for Cumbernauld which has been enjoying significant economic success lately.’’

This week in 1987

A TOTAL of 2000 signatures were collected within a four hour period as locals queued to make their feelings known about the poll tax. The protest had been organised by local Scottish Nationalists. Constituency chairman Alex Spence said: “It means as far as I am concerned that the people of Cumbernauld want nothing whatsoever to do with this poll tax. The Government has no moral right to slap on this inhuman taxation.’’

This week in 1977

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A DECISION to stage a show entirely for charity paid off for The Apex Players. Not only was ‘‘Walk in to My Parlour’’ a big hit at Cumbernauld Theatre, it raised £170 for the Cumbernauld Committee of the Cancer Research Association. The big-hearted members announced that they would donate the proceeds of their next show ‘‘Semi-detached’’ to Stobhill Kidney Patient’s Association.

This week in 1972

A MILESTONE was reached when Cumbernauld Development Corporation announced that it had sold its 500th house. Homes were being sold at a rate of three per day and it was thought that the acquisition of a sales office in the town centre had greatly boosted the scale of sales. Meanwhile the CDC said it was reducing the prices of houses in Kildrum after complaints from owners.