A look through the back editions of the Cumbernauld News


A GENEROUS organiser of the highly-successful beer festival in Cumbernauld, became a hit with the over 60s after he provided them with free beer. Two kegs of beer were left over from the event and owner, Ron McCambridge, insisted that the drinks were on him at the Commnity Hall. Mr McCambrige said: “We thought it would be good to give pensioners a treat.”


Cumbernauld suffered another jobs blow when it was announced that the Woolworth distribution depot in Westfield would close. Twenty people would find themselves out of work, following the closure. However Woolworth plegded to find the workers jobs elsewhere within the company.


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Cumbernauld motorists were left outraged as the Chancellor, Denis Healy, anounced that five and a half pence would be added to the price of petrol. Garages found themselves busier than usual, with people filling up before the new price kicked in.


A JANITORS’ strike left many pupils in Cumbernauld delighted. As the Easter break was coming to a close it was confirmed that schools would stay closed for longer. However it wasn’t good news for all the children, as those sitting exams still had to attend.

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