Window on the Past

Our weekly look at the Kirkintilloch Herald archives.

Photo courtesy of EDLC Archives and Local Studies at William Patrick Library, Kirkintilloch.
Photo courtesy of EDLC Archives and Local Studies at William Patrick Library, Kirkintilloch.

This week’s photo;

This picture of the Kirkintilloch branch of the Royal British Legion dates back to 1934. The group assembled at Woodhead Park in the town. The local branch opened back in 1922. A social club attached to it closed its doors in 2003 due to a lack of volunteers.

January 18, 1995

Council chiefs were calling in a top team of experts to give Kirkintilloch’s town hall a 
major facelift.

It was revealed the builder’s bill for the overhaul could easily reach the million pound mark.

The outside of the 89-year-old building was to be upgraded, while major refurbishments were being planned for the interior.

Top consultants were expected to submit a report by the end of March giving recommendations for improvements.

Kirkintilloch Councillor Iain Young was delighted at the proposals.

He said at the time: “The town hall is a great asset to the whole of Strathkelvin.”

January 16, 1985

It had been a great year for St Flannan’s Primary School in Kirkintilloch, marking its 
silver jubilee celebrations.

Not only did 1984 present the school with a milestone in its history, it turned out to be a year of great success and also the year in which a Parent Teacher Association was set up.

The PTA quickly established itself as a major force, organising a Jubilee Gala in the school grounds and a successful Jubilee Dance. And in this week, the fruits of these efforts were presented to the school.

PTA representatives handed over to head teacher Catherine Murtagh gifts of a colour portable TV set, a video recorder, a photocopier and outfits for the school’s netball team.

January 15, 1975

A stream of burning petrol running down Loch Road, Kirkintilloch, set fire to six cars before residents, awakened by the sound of exploding tyres, could extinguish the blaze.

The first man on the scene was Mr Steve McMillan, of Loch Road, whose car was the most badly damaged.

He said at the time: “I was wakened up by the sound of crackling and looked out of the window. A stream of fire was flowing down the gutter with spots of flames on the pavement.”

Mr McMillan got into his car and drove it away from the burning petrol just before one of the front tyres blew up.

Other car owners helped beat out the flames before firemen arrived and hosed the cars.

January 14, 1965

Local vandals went on a destructive spree over the New Year period.

Despite all the goodwill to men, the contribution by local troublemakers was to steal and smash the coloured lights on the town’s Christmas tree.

The lights were destroyed at the rate of about 60 a night and council workmen were having the disheartening task of replacing them time after time.

In addition, the Three Wise Men decoration on the top of the branch library in Regent Gardens had also been vandalised.

Councillor Alexander McDonald said at the time: “It is simply destruction for destruction’s sake.”