Photo special on ‘kids go free day’ at Clyde

CLYDE FC had a great day on Saturday, not just winning 2-1 over East Stirling but also seeing one of the best gates of the season.

Two factors helped swell the crowd to over 912 – the lack of SPL action on Saturday and a “kids go free” offer which is likely to be repeated in some form at future matches.

“We got almost double what we usually see,” said manager Jim Duffy. “It created a really nice atmosphere and really gave us a lift. Plus it was a good game. East Stirling played well, we played well and there were lots of attempts on goal and some dramatic saves.

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“We’ve tried various things to boost our attendance over the years but some of them have fallen flat. But this has really paid off and the club will definitely look into ways to build on that.”

Gordon Thomson, the club’s director of community involvement, was equally thrilled with the bumper crowd. “There undoubtedly was a great atmosphere at Broadwood on Saturday. The board will be discussing this 
and how to go forward. This gives us a very 
positive platform to build on.

“Meanwhile we’ll continue with initiatives such as £10 season tickets for kids.”

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