Rugby under 14s back in action

Sunday saw the return of rugby games for the under 14s.

By the time they had ended their matches at Coatbridge, the boys from Cumbernauld were caked head to toe in mud, and looked as though they had just completed a Tough Mudder course.

It was wet, it was cold, and with the pitch being very soft, it soon cut up, so Dennis the Menace would have been well at home making mud pie.

Depsite the conditions, all the players from Waysider Drumpellier, Alloa and Cumbernauld did seem to enjoy themselves, as there was plenty of action on the pitch, with surprising lots of running rugby, plenty of hard tackling and a bit of rolling around in the mud in the rucks and malls.

Cumbernauld won both their games in tight contests, which saw tries for Murray, Tough, Smith, Moultie, O’Donnell and McKay.

Training for the Under 14s continues at the Croy astro turf on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings from 6 til 7pm. Anyone interested in joing the team can get more details from Paul on 07960 811326.

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