Sandy reflects on good year

A Scottish football assistant manager and college lecturer is celebrating a successful year on and off the pitch.

As well as working with Queen of the South, Sandy Clark, is a sports performance lecturer at Cumbernauld College.

The two jobs have kept the 56-year-old busy throughout the last year, but he has said the roles are very alike.

He said: “There are a lot of similarities teaching at the college and helping to manage Queen of the South.

“You require the same skills to deal with young people as you do footballers. At the age I am, I find it easy to do both. I have been playing and coaching football for such a long time that it’s second nature to me. I have been working at the college for three years now and I thoroughly enjoy it. I am able to share the experience and success I have had with the students. I am working with some very talented individuals who have bright futures in front of them.”

Sandy took on the role at Queen of the South in May 2012 and the team have had one of the most successful seasons in its history. As well as finishing top of the second division, on a record 92 points, the team also won the Ramsden Cup. Sandy will only have a short break in between the college year finishing and pre-season starting in June.

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