Jensen and Chessell complete new Glasgow Tigers line-up

Glasgow Tigers manager Cami Brown welcomes new signing Luke ChessellGlasgow Tigers manager Cami Brown welcomes new signing Luke Chessell
Glasgow Tigers manager Cami Brown welcomes new signing Luke Chessell
Treble winner Rasmus Jensen has revealed how Danish pal Claus Vissing convinced him to become a Glasgow Tigers rider next season.

The 25-year-old is the Tigers’ seventh signing of the winter and completes their line-up for the new campaign.

Jensen won the league and two cups at Workington last season and was torn between a return to Derwent Park and a move north.

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But Vissing, who was an integral part of Glasgow’s team last term, encouraged his fellow countryman to sign up at Ashfield - and now Jensen is looking to bring some of that winning spirit to his new side.

He said: “I’m looking forward to a new challenge. It looks like a great club from the outside so I can’t wait to get started.

“It was a big decision whether to go back to Workington or go to Glasgow, and it took a while to sort out what I wanted to do.

“Having Claus pushed me in Glasgow’s direction. When I spoke to Workington it didn’t look like there were going to be any Danish riders there, and having Claus to travel with and share a lot of costs with, that was a factor.

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“I’ve known Claus since we were at Workington together and since then it’s been fun with him. He has the true mentality of a sportsman - he hates to lose and gives it everything when he wins.”

The former Somerset star added: “We all had a laugh at Workington and weren’t too serious - but once it was game on, it was game on.

“Before and after the meeting we would take the Mickey out of each other. That’s the key thing - team spirit and having fun.

“If you turn up with a positive mind, and you see six other guys you have fun with, that’s two points extra per person I reckon.”

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Meanwhile Jensen’s fellow new recruit Luke Chessell insists his gangly frame can give him a leg up to speedway success - by emulating one of the sport’s greats.

The 6ft 3in racer has become the sixth Tigers signing for 2019, where he’ll occupy one of the reserve berths.

He impressed fans with his leg-trailing style in a brief spell with the club back in 2016, when guesting for injury victim Danny Ayres, but was himself forced to sit on the sidelines in the following two years.

Now making his return to the sport, the 28-year-old says his unusually tall figure doesn’t hinder him too much - because British great Michael Lee made it work on his way to 1980 world title success.

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Chessell said: “I am quite tall, and smaller riders do have an advantage, but Michael Lee was World Champion and he was pretty tall with a gangly style - so hopefully I can turn it round and make it happen. That’s who I idolise as a rider.

“I came up to Glasgow in 2016 and upset the neighbours - I did a practice and they weren’t too keen on the noise!

“But it paid dividends and I won the first race. I was having a good night and riding well but I had an engine failure when I was in second or third and that was it.”

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