St. Maurice’s volleyball girls pick up bronze

St Maurice’s High School’s Ladies S1 Volleyball team played at Stonelaw High School on Tuesday Night to compete in the Lanarkshire Volleyball League Finals.

The school had several teams representing them but St Maurice’s Team 1 (pictured right) – Shannon McAuley, Maryanne Rutter, Mhairi Lardner and Khera Ross picked up bronze. Playing in a round robin of matches, they won two of their games against St. Maurice’s Team 2 and Carluke Team 3 and tied with Duncanrigg Team 1.

They made it into the semi finals playing against Stonelaw Team 3, but sadly losing out on their chance of a place in the finals.

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Despite a few errors the girls gave it their all, receiving the bronze medal, they left happy.

The Gladiator girls under 15s basketball squad won their quarterfinal game on the March 9 against Portobello High School.

The game ended at 44-31 to St Maurice’s HS. The heart-stopping game was an easy win as the squad, made up of S1-S3 girls, were playing brilliantly with all of the passes flowing smoothly.

The girls’ shots were on fire near to the end of the game because they had their mind set on winning the match.

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Everyone got on the court to have a shot and played well. It was an intense game. The girls are very excited about making it through to the semi-finals and are confident about the big game to come.

The team members were - Taylor McKewon (3B), Michelle Bradley (3C), Irene McAuley (3C), Sarah Loughran (3F), Erin Bunce (3F), Cara Donnelly (3B), Khera Ross (1C), Shannon McAuley (1A), Erin Ruddy (2B), Caitlin McGoohan (2B), Toni Ferrie (2E), Christie Lamb (2D).

Thanks go to Maryanne Rutter, Mhairi Lardner and Shannon McAuley, all of 1A, for these match reports.