The top 20 UK derbies: Where Rangers v Celtic ranks alongside Man Utd v Man City, Everton v Liverpool and more

Rangers and Celtic have been ranked alongside other fiery derbies like Man Utd vs Man City, Everton vs Liverpool, Arsenal vs Tottenham and others.

It’s bound to cause an endless debate - but just where do Rangers and Celtic sit on a UK derby rating scale?

The Glasgow rivals come to blows this weekend in a title grudge match. A Rangers win shifts the balance of Premiership power towards Ibrox but a Celtic success could pave their path to glory. In a social media post gathering over five million impressions and counting, The Sportsman ranked the top 20 most heated derbies across the UK.

There are room for two other Scottish battles while the likes of Man City vs Man Utd, Everton vs Liverpool and Arsenal vs Tottenham feature. The rating system goes from the S class which is the top derby, then down to A, B, C and D in that order.

Fans will have their own ideas on who goes where - or if some clashes should even merit a place. Here is where Rangers and Celtic sit amongst the UK’s most fiery.