Young swimmers making a splash

CUMBERNAULD Swimming Club’s younger competitors travelled to Grangemouth recently to take part in the annual JAGS/MAGS meet.

There were some terrific swims, with youngsters recording personal bests while winning medals in various age groups.

The results were as follows:

Adam Airlie, 2, 100m butterfly; 4, 200m individual medley. Kris Frobisher, 2, 100m freestyle; 2, 100m backstroke; 6, 200m individual medley. Daniel Fisher, 1, 200m freestyle; 2, 100m freestyle; 3, 200m individual medley; 4, 100m butterly. Ryan Martin, 4, 200m individual medley. Zoe Train, 1, 50m backstroke; 2, 50m freestyle; 4, 50m breaststroke; 4, 100m butterfly; 5, 100m individual medley. Duncan McKinney, 1, 100m freestyle; 2, 100m backstroke; 1, 200m freestyle; 2, 100m breaststroke; 4, 100m butterfly. Lewis Symon, 6, 100m breaststroke. Lucy McGhee, 1, 200m freestyle; 3, 100m backstroke; 3, 200m individual medley. Sarah Frobisher, 1, 100m backstroke; 2, 200m individual medley; 2, 200m freestyle. Christopher Campbell, 5, 100m freestyle. Natalie Timothy, 4, 200m freestyle; 6, 100m freestyle. Chloe O’Hara, 4, 100m breaststroke; 5, 200m freesstyle. Tegan Kerr, 1, 50m breaststroke; 4, 200m individual medley; 6, 100m breaststroke. Natasha Smith, 2, 100m freestyle; 4, 100m breaststroke. David Simpson, 3, 200m freestyle. Craig Greenock, 1, 50m butterfly; 1, 50m backstroke; 2, 100m individual medley; 3, 50m breaststroke. Diane Tennant, 6, 50m butterfly; 6, 50m freestyle. Emma Gemmell, 1, 50m backstroke; 1, 50m breaststroke;, 1, 100m individual medley. Lauren Addyman, 5, 50m backstroke. Jake Lindsay, 1, 50m breaststroke; 5, 100m individual medley. Sam Glen, 6, 50m breaststroke. Mark McCulloch, 5, 50m freestyle. Hannah Frobisher, 4, 100m individual medley. CAitlin Smith, 4, 50m butterfly. Robyn Morrison, 3, 50m backstroke; 6, 50m freestyle. Calum Brown, 5, 50m backstroke.

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Winning top girl in their age groups were Zoe Train and Emma Gemmell, while winning top boy in his age group was Craig Greenock.

Well done to all the swimmers who took part in the event and congratulations to the medal winners!

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