Cumbernauld Cinema gets off to a flying start

The town at last has its own cinema after the new amenity opened at Cumbernauld Theatre at The Lanternhouse last Saturday.

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Audiences have already been treated to what is the second film in the cinema spin-off of Downtown Abbey.

Downton Abbey: A New Era sees the cast decamp to the glamorous setting of a villa in the South of France that has been unexpectedly gifted to the Dowager Countess played by Dame Maggie Smith.

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The popular choice will keep screening until Thursday, May 19 for fans of the series who haven’t managed to catch it yet.

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    The cinema has two more films aimed at the younger generation which will begin on Saturday, namely The Bad Guys and Esperanza.

    It’s also hoped that live theatre and opera performances can be broadcast live from London at the long-awaited new amenity.