Experience the sights and sounds of Status Quo

Rockin’ All Over The World, Whatever You Want, Down Down, Living On An Island, In The Army Now , What You’re Proposing, Burning Bridges – just a few of the many hits from five decades of Status Quo’s incredible music history.

The Quo Experience is an East Anglian-based band including David ‘Woody’ Wood as Francis Rossi and Dave Crawte as Rick Parfitt; both have spent years studying every detail of Rossi and Parfitt’s looks, playing styles and stage performances to make sure they are both as close to the real thing on stage as is possible, without actually being the legendary rock duo themselves.

However, The Quo Experience is not all about Rick and Francis, it also features Graham Partridge, a superb keyboard player who captures the magic of Andy Bown’s playing and vocals perfectly; Del Fletcher on bass and Jay Griffin on drums, who both help give The Quo Experience the stomach thumping sound and feel that every Quo Army fan expects!

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With such an impressive line-up of seriously experienced musicians and passionate Quo fans, along with a stage show that includes the iconic wall of white Marshalls, The Quo Experience is fully armed to take the act as far as is possibly achievable in the tribute band industry.

The Quo Experience is, however, not just another Quo tribute band – it is an ‘experience’; an ongoing chance to ‘experience’ the sounds and looks of “Britain’s biggest singles chart band of all time” as we all remember it!

The Quo Experience is a full five-piece band with the full Status Quo stage show touring theatres and other venues around the UK and features the perfect tribute to the legendary duo of Rick Parfitt and Francis Rossi to help keep the memory of the biggest Rock God of them all alive: The magic and chemistry that the Parfitt/Rossi partnership brought to a Quo ‘live’ performance, along with the incredible energy that Rick Parfitt added to the show, is being continued within The Quo Experience.

Consequently, for both the loyal Quo fans who have been addicted to seeing the true Status Quo ‘live’ for the past 50 years, along with those unlucky people who never managed to get around to experiencing the exhilaration of a Quo performance with both Rick Parfitt and Francis Rossi on stage, this is your chance to continue or start getting your fix!

·THE QUO EXPERIENCE - Eastwood Park Theatre, Friday, May 10; 7.30pm.

For tickets, visit www.eastwoodparktheatre.co.uk

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