Cumbernauld Theatre will be first venue for world premiere of classic tragedy

Cumbernauld Theatre at The Lanternhouse has been chosen as the opening venue for a world premiere of a mamor new production of a classic play next March as it starts a national tour.
Cumbernauld TheatreCumbernauld Theatre
Cumbernauld Theatre

Company of Wolves will stage three performances in total of William Shakespeare's 'Julius Caesar on Thursday, March 17 and Friday March 18.

The final day will include an 11am performance that schools can attend.

The tragedy which is aimed at over 11s will see five actors performing the play which was first seen by audiences back in 1599 in the straw-thatched globe theatre

This time the setting will be a contemporary one but the director Ewan Downie insists that the relevance of the play is its one unchanging element

Mr Downie who trained to be an actor at Dublin's Gaiety Theatre School and has also worked in Polish experimental theatre said: “Julius Caesar is a play about civilisation in crisis, about power and about the human cost of false beliefs, themes that will resonate strongly with contemporary audiences.

“I wanted to explore the far reaches of storytelling, so the entire world of the play will be created by the cast of five: three women, two men.Staging a classic play like this is a exciting departure for Company of Wolves, marrying our signature physicality with vivid and dynamic text.We’re looking forward to sharing the show with audiences across Scotland this coming Spring.”

For more information contact the Box Office on 01236 732887