Viewpark musician's songs are used in new road movie starring Timothy Spall

Viewpark singer songwriter Caitlin Agnew couldn’t believe it when songs she wrote in her bedroom were chosen for the soundtrack of a new movie.

Caitlin Agnew

The former Cardinal Newman High School pupil was stunned when her compositions – “I Wanna” and “Don’t Want to Go Home” – were given the thumbs up by the film’s award- winning actor Timothy Spall.

Now millions who go to see ‘The Last Bus’ will hear those very same songs!

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Caitlin, 19, said: “When I heard Timothy Spall liked my songs and they wanted to use them in the film I was in shock. It was like seeing my life flash before my eyes.”

Caitlin, has revealed that her big break came after a chance meeting between her grandfather Jim Agnew and the film’s director Gillies MacKinnon. Jim worked as a vehicle wrangler on the movie, organising all the transport, from vintage buses to luxury coaches.

Caitlin said: “It's amazing how things work out. My grandad and the director got chatting and when he told me he’d sent on a couple of my songs I honestly thought he was winding me up.”

But MacKinnon was so impressed with Caitlin's work that he decided others had to hear it too.

He said: “Often when you’re making a film somebody will come to you and say here’s a book I’ve written or whatever and give it to you but in this case, Jim simply said I’ve got a granddaughter and she records songs and he gave me some background which was interesting. She was only 16 at the time and he asked, could I listen to them? I said okay, fine, send them on anyway.”

“I listened and I just loved these songs. The emotion really embraced the soul of the film. I sent them down to our editor and she loved the songs and she put them into the film. And then I thought, well, maybe it’s just her and me who love these songs? “But I began to learn that almost everybody who listened did. I brought Tim into the cutting room about half way through the cut – he’s an executive on the film –and he just loved the songs. Somehow there’s something within the songs that just catches a mood for the film.”

Caitlin’s new album Through the Night is just about to be released on Spotify and Apple Music. For more information on Caitlin see @MusicAgnew on Twitter.