Who is the Rebel Bear - and where you can see their street art in Glasgow?

The ‘Scottish Banksy’ made headline with their Covid-19 related street art.

What’s happening? Glasgow based graffiti artist, The Rebel Bear looked set to reveal who they are, after months of creating artwork around the city and beyond.

Who is the Rebel Bear? Dressed in a pink bear costume, The Rebel Bear has been creating graffiti art across Scotland for a long time, but hit the headlines for their Covid-19 related artwork.

Now, via Instagram stories, the Rebel Bear posted that they will take off the pink bear suit and replace it with a dark purple one.

The Rebel Bear has been dubbed the ‘Scottish Banksy’ due to the similar, stencil-like nature of the art, which has been sprayed on buildings in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Stirling as well as Manchester, London and France.

Where to see The Rebel Bear’s street art in Glasgow: The bear’s first Covid-19 related image was of a couple pulling down their masks to share a kiss, which can still be seen on Bank Street.

An image of a man chained to a green coronavirus particle can be seen on Bath Street.

A picture a doctor in a blue mask and gloves is located in Ashton Lane while Prince Charming is located at 717 Great Western Road.

A ‘free for all’ image is located off Battlefield Road at G42 9JT.

‘A wish for freedom’ can be seen on North Frederick Street.

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A couple falling while kissing is on the side of a building in the Merchant City.

A Halloween image was created just off Sauchiehall Street in October.

Young kids blowing up a nearby cash machine is located in Cambuslang.

‘I will buy more stuff’ was created in Caledonian Crescent while Boris, Trump and King Jong Un as babies can be seen at Woodside Terrace Lane.

A women dipping a solider to kiss him, the reserve of the iconic image, can be seen on Fairley Street.

An image of a man being blinded is located ‘in an underpass’ at G14 9QG.

The latest Rebel Bear work is a mural, made in conjunction with Community Land Scotland and Copperworks Housing Association can be seen on Robroyson Road.

The Rebel Bear has been selling their graffiti art has prints, available to buy online.