Seville trouble: were Rangers fans fighting with Eintracht Frankfurt supporters after Europa League final?

Rangers FC lost out in the UEFA final - how did fans react?

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There were reports of Rangers fans brawling with Eintracht Frankfurt supporters after the German side won a penalty shootout to lift the Uefa Europa League trophy in Seville on Wednesday evening.

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This was the second time in 50 years that saw Rangers in with a chance of lifting the European trophy.

Rangers last had a chance in the European final in 2008 in Manchester, where they lost 2-0 to Zenit St Petersburg, after which 39 people were arrested and riot police were called in.

There were a reported 100,000 Rangers fans, and 50,000 Frankfurt fans, in Seville for the 2022 showpiece.

Ahead of the game, Rangers alumni like Graeme Souness and Ally McCoist asked fans to stay calm during their time in Seville.

Throughout the week there were reports of altercations between fans in Seville.

Similar scenes occurred at home as Rangers fans took to Glasgow city centre to enjoy the match, forcing Glasgow City Council to remove all benches and add protection to statues.

So, what happened in Seville last night?

Here’s everything we know so far about altercations in the lead up to and after the match.

Who won the UEFA Europa League Final 2022?

After a long game, the final was decided on penalties. Eintracht Frankfurt emerged as champions when they won a penalty shootout 5-4 after Rangers player Aaron Ramsey missed his spotkick.

What happened in Seville before the game?

Social media is littered with videos that emerged following the UEFA Europa League final.

Fans could be seen fighting and throwing tables and chairs in the streets before the game had even kicked off.

Tables and chairs were thrown at supporters while a brawl broke out in the middle of the road involving a large group of Frankfurt fans.

The trouble also follows confirmation from Spanish Police that they made five arrests of German fans on Tuesday night (17 May 2022).

The arrests came after multiple alterations happened in the city.

Footage of the altercation showed flares being thrown at Rangers fans and riot police intervening.

Was there any trouble back home in Glasgow?

Yes. There is one specific video that has been widely shared on social media and it appears to show Rangers fans fighting one another in Glasgow.

The brawl broke out on Jamaica Street shortly before midnight.

The group can be seen punching, kicking and then a woman is pulled to the ground.

The woman appears to kick-out while on the ground before she is grabbed by what looks like the hair by a group of men and women and is dragged across the street.

A second woman pushes the first woman to the ground again and begins punching her repeatedly.

One of the men narrowly escapes colliding with a car before the clip ends.

Police Scotland are aware of the video and have said officers are currently looking into what happened.

“Officers are aware of reports of a disturbance on Jamaica Street near to Argyll Street on Wednesday, 18 May, 2022.

“Enquiries are ongoing.”