The Guilty Feminist: popular podcast show coming to Glasgow this weekend

Popular podcast The Guilty Feminist, which has been downloaded 95 million times since launching in 2016, is coming to Glasgow.

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The show has been touring the UK since March and is almost at an end, with the penultimate show being held at the Pavilion this weekend.

The Guilty Feminist - described as part comedy, part deep-dive discussion, and part activism - explores our noble goals as 21st century feminists and our hypocrisies and insecurities which undermine them.

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Each of the live shows includes a variety of world-class stand-up comics and some local guests for deep lively conversations - plus a musical act to have audiences singing in the aisles.

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    Guilty Feminist host Deborah Frances-White.

    “I’m a feminist but I sorted my sequinned cape for this show before I got my booster,” said host Deborah Frances-White.

    “Guilty Feminist audiences know how to bring a rock concert to a podcast recording. I can only imagine what a riot it’ll be after two years locked up! We’ve added some acts in these shows that you can only see live & that’s really the best way to experience the show anyway. Come join the Guilty Feminist army.”

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