10 Budget Friendly Halloween costumes for kids

For anyone needing that extra bit of inspiration when it comes to their kids’ costumes this year this list has it all, whether it’s quick DIY ideas, or cheap bits from the shops.

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Halloween is just around the corner, and parents across the country will soon be scrambling to find a fun costume for their children to wear. We compiled a list of the best ideas and outfits we could find on the internet without the spooky price tag...

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Read on...if you dare...

1. Frankenstein - Tu clothing has the perfect costume for your little monster for just £12.

2. Robot - Why not dig through the recycling and go as you’re very own robot. A few boxes, and some paint should do the trick. Not to mention it will give you an afternoon of activities for the kids.

3. Toilet paper mummy - we think it’s time to bring back this classic. Nostalgia got us through lockdown, why shouldn’t it get us through the first Halloween back? Just an all black outfit, toilet paper and sellotape should do the trick.

4. Witch - Bring some colour to your Halloween party with Tu Clothing’s colourful version of a witches outfit for £12.

5. Zombie...ANYTHING - Dig through your kids fancy dress costume, maybe even recycle a world book day outfit, fake blood, and some scary face paint you have yourself a spooky

6. Skeleton - ASDA have kids Skeleton pyjamas for £6 at the moment, and they even have adult versions for the whole family. Comfortable and convenient.

7. Tiger - pull out any old orange t-shirt and get creative with a black marker! You can also pick up some face paint in any supermarket for fairly cheap.

8. Stitch - For the creatures of chaos in your life there is a Stitch onesie available on amazon for £11.99. This might be the winner for the cosiest costume!

9. Versatile Devil - ASDA currently has a red tutu for £5. It’s marketed as part of a devil costume but this could be one for all your little zombie ballerinas!

10. Sheet Ghost - It wouldn’t be a halloween costume list without this classic. Best part about it is it can be made at home, and the costume is really coming back in trend.

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